Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

When users visit our website, We save little text files on users' devices called cookies. This is necessary to
identify the device during a session or on repeated visits to the website, mostly to improve the customer

Session Cookie - Session cookies remain just for the duration of a browser journey and are intended to reduce
user irritation when surfing. These cookies allow web pages to link a user's activity throughout a web session, and
they expire when the session ends. Session cookies also allow users to navigate the website and access protected
areas when they are logged in.

Persistent Cookie - Cookies that stay on a user's browser after a browsing session has finished are known as
persistent cookies. It assists in the memory of the user's decisions or actions. WFA Consultants Persistent cookies
can be used for a variety of purposes, such as remembering the user's preferred language and province at the end
of each visit to the site. WFA Consultants enlist the help of a third-party analytics network operator to analyze
cookies in order to perform behavioral research in order to enhance user experience and efficiency, as well as to
provide users with tailored and valuable content. Depending on the kind and setup of your device, cookies may be
enabled by default. Users may change the browser's settings to delete existing cookies or prevent the collection of
new ones.

Third-party Cookies - Third-party cookies are used to provide us with information about our sites, aid us in
executing targeted advertising efforts, evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising promotions, and make
advertisements more relevant to users. WFA Consultants use cookies to collect information about your browsing
activity on these websites, such as the sites you visit, the links you click, the files you download, and how long
you spend on the sites. Depending on your recent browsing of our website, you may see our advertisements while
browsing via our advertising affiliate websites and/or their networking websites.

Cookie retention - Data collected via cookies will be retained for a maximum period of 2 years.